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Barrow, Alaska: The Leading Edge Of Climate Change - 7 mins

Barrow, Alaska: The Leading Edge Of Climate Change - 7 mins13-12-2017 21:24
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"... All In traveled to the northernmost city in the country, Barrow, Alaska, to see how a community that depends on the disappearing arctic ice is handling the rapidly changing climate and to see how scientists in Barrow are monitoring the leading causes of climate change ..."
14-12-2017 02:04
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July Was Record Hot for Parts of Alaska and the West

The northernmost city in the United States just had its hottest July on record, as other spots in Alaska had their hottest month overall. Heat records also fell in a few western cities, as well as the fearsomely hot Death Valley, where July was the hottest month ever recorded on Earth.

Those hotspots stood out in what was the 10th hottest July on record for the Lower 48 states, topping off the second hottest year-to-date for the country by a hair, according to data released Tuesday by the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration. Three states are having their hottest year on record more than halfway through the year, while several more are running in second or third place.

21-12-2017 18:56
The hottest summer on record for the USA was July of 1936. Records of 114 degrees or so were set almost for the entire month over most of the country.

Funny how the world didn't dissolve in a heat tempest.

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