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Why did the West burn fossil fuels like there's no tomorrow during Cold War? (Climate debate in general)614706-03-2019
How climate change is fueling extremism (Climate debate in general)122806-03-2019
High CO2 levels can destabilize marine layer clouds (Climate debate in general)110306-03-2019
Confirmed: 2018 Was the Fourth-Hottest Year on Record (Climate debate in general)110206-03-2019
The hotter the classroom, the lower the test scores, research finds (Climate debate in general)111806-03-2019
Students who strike for climate change will be marked as truants, principals say (Climate debate in general)19706-03-2019
Italy sees 57% drop in olive harvest as result of climate change, scientist says (Climate debate in general)111006-03-2019
Is climate change fear caused by drugs like marijuana? (Climate debate in general)112006-03-2019
The Climate Change Paper So Depressing It's Sending People to Therapy (Climate debate in general)111506-03-2019
Wildfires, Flooding and Droughts Could Make Climate Change an Issue in 2020. Some Are Pushing for... (Climate debate in general)112006-03-2019
Potential Effects of Broadcast Induced REP on Climate Change (Climate debate in general)299437306-03-2019
The IPPC climate report and what I personally think of it! (Climate debate in general)81144806-03-2019
Heatwaves sweeping oceans 'like wildfires', scientists reveal (Climate debate in general)212905-03-2019
US faces fresh water shortages due to climate change, research says (Climate debate in general)411805-03-2019
Creating coal from CO2 - undoing fossil fuel burning to save the climate (Climate debate in general)514005-03-2019
The climate change lawsuit that could stop the U.S. government from supporting fossil fuels (Climate debate in general)517005-03-2019
Record break high temperatures for February, in Central Florida! (Climate debate in general)712605-03-2019
If U.S. Emissions Rose In 2018 Despite Clean Energy Growth, How Can We Meet Climate Goals? (Climate debate in general)412105-03-2019
When did carbon dioxide appear in the headlines? (Climate debate in general)513005-03-2019
The Head Honcho on Trump's New Climate Change Panel Compared Carbon Dioxide to Jewish People (Climate debate in general)310405-03-2019
The women too scared of climate change to have children (Climate debate in general)211104-03-2019
could we slow co2 release in enviornment by engineering a virus to kill wood eating bacteria? (Technology)111404-03-2019
Why don't Canada stop making steel and cars like Austrlia did in 2017 if they are so concerned ab... (Climate debate in general)010004-03-2019
GOLDSTEIN: How Canada is 'faking it' on climate change (Climate debate in general)08204-03-2019
China takes advantage of climate change to take over the world. (Climate debate in general)512304-03-2019
Crabs are now eating methane-filled bacteria. This shows they're adapting to climate change, scie... (Climate debate in general)310204-03-2019
We have 12 years to limit climate change catastrophe, warns UN (Climate debate in general)312904-03-2019
Human Poop Reveals That Climate Change Caused The Fall Of Cahokia, A Medieval Native American City (Climate debate in general)1320904-03-2019
The 'grandfather' of climate science leaves a final warning for Earth (Climate debate in general)312704-03-2019
Trump's UN nominee Kelly Craft says she believes 'both sides' of climate change science (Climate debate in general)1531803-03-2019
10 ppm O3 absorb 98% of UV, so why wouldn't 10 ppm CO2 absorb 98% of whatever IR CO2 absorbs? (Climate debate in general)19703-03-2019
'Little Ice Age' caused by death of 55-million Indigenous people after colonization: study (Climate debate in general)111103-03-2019
Climate change: Angela Merkel welcomes school strikes (Climate debate in general)19603-03-2019
Thousands of German students walk out of school to protest climate change (Climate debate in general)18703-03-2019
Is it climate change or global warming? How science and a secret memo shaped the answer (Climate debate in general)111603-03-2019
climate change is 'UN-led ruse to establish new world order' (Climate debate in general)212403-03-2019
The 700 Club (Climate debate in general)314702-03-2019
Earth's fish are disappearing because of climate change, study says (Climate debate in general)311002-03-2019
Russian Arctic town overrun by polar bears, climate change blamed (Climate debate in general)616228-02-2019
Scientists Just Pulled CO2 From Air And Turned It Into Coal (Climate debate in general)416328-02-2019
Republicans force climate-related hearing to adjourn after only 2 Democrats show up (Climate debate in general)210528-02-2019
99.9999 percent chance we're the cause of global warming, study says (Climate debate in general)110128-02-2019
Canada not among top countries cutting CO2 emissions (Climate debate in general)111127-02-2019
Planting 1.2 Trillion Trees Could Cancel Out a Decade of CO2 Emissions, Scientists Find (Climate debate in general)110227-02-2019
High carbon dioxide could suppress cooling clouds, climate change model warns (Climate debate in general)19927-02-2019
Koppen Flaws/Mistakes? (Climate debate in general)312127-02-2019
Why don't one of the climate scientists commit suicide to make a point? (Climate debate in general)111727-02-2019
Crabs are now eating methane-filled bacteria. This shows they're adapting to climate change, scie... (Climate debate in general)010326-02-2019
If you believe more CO2 causes global warming, why not? (Climate debate in general)310426-02-2019
Dozens of Youth Activists Arrested After Green New Deal Protest in Mitch McConnell's Office (Climate debate in general)210326-02-2019
Evidence of human role in global warming hits strongest statistical benchmark: study (Climate debate in general)112826-02-2019
They said 2000 was the end of the world, then 2012 was the end of the world. Now 2100 is end of t... (Climate debate in general)3032326-02-2019
Record Australian heat shows soaring cost of climate change (Climate debate in general)111526-02-2019
Climate change: CO2 emissions fall in 18 countries with strong policies, study finds (Climate debate in general)19726-02-2019
Humans are frogs in hot water of climate change, research says (Climate debate in general)19426-02-2019
Bernie Sanders says climate change is an 'existential crisis' (Climate debate in general)18926-02-2019
non Anglo countries like China, India, Japan, Germany, Russia don't use much solar and wind so (Climate debate in general)09226-02-2019
CO2 and Global Warming Trends (Climate debate in general)619726-02-2019
'Fossil' Fuels... (Climate debate in general)110426-02-2019
It looks like sun spots decrease did cause the most recent little ice age (Climate debate in general)312526-02-2019
Name the most important things on Earth. (Climate debate in general)210226-02-2019
Survey for dissertation. PLEASE deadline end of march. (Climate debate in general)3106226-02-2019
China's clean coal policy does not regulate CO2, because it's not considered a pollutant like in (Climate debate in general)314325-02-2019
China uses coal for most of its electricity. Should China leave UN if IPCC orders China to (Climate debate in general)912425-02-2019
Will IPCC scientists be dragged in the streets and skinned alive when next little ice age hits? (Climate debate in general)314825-02-2019
Why don't Americans get Chinese to install clean coal on all their coal plants? They got world's (Climate debate in general)816525-02-2019
Has global warming actually been caused by droughts? (Climate debate in general)613225-02-2019
If Sun will die, Earth will die, all life will die, then why are people so afraid of death by cli... (Climate debate in general)110325-02-2019
Trump's climate expert is wrong: The world's plants don't need more CO2 (Climate debate in general)011625-02-2019
Washington Post: White House plans to assemble group of scientists to re-evaluate climate science... (Climate debate in general)09925-02-2019
How can hippies beat CO2? CO2 is power of nature? Man is nothing compared to nature. (Climate debate in general)212124-02-2019
National Geographic considers CO2 as a pollutant (not considered so internationally) (Climate debate in general)216024-02-2019
It is ridiculous to suggest N2 and O2 are not greenhouse gases just because the don't absorb IR (Climate debate in general)314724-02-2019
Is Climate Change More of a Local Problem Than a Global Problem? (Climate debate in general)08124-02-2019
Japan and Russia build coal power plants and White countries can't? How is this fair? (Climate debate in general)010924-02-2019
Since when has science became a computer game? (Climate debate in general)918724-02-2019
When will UN destroy Anglo countries with CO2 so China will dominate? (Climate debate in general)713224-02-2019
Maxime Bernier believes in climate change, but defends argument that CO2 is just 'food for plants... (Climate debate in general)19224-02-2019
Dianne Feinstein's climate change discussion with schoolchildren gets heated (Climate debate in general)29224-02-2019
Reality check: Maxime Bernier says CO2 isn't a pollutant. Climate scientists say he's wrong (Climate debate in general)010224-02-2019
The Last 4,000 Years (Climate debate in general)713424-02-2019
10 ppm O3 in the air absorb 98% of UV, only 2% pass through. So even if CO2 is at 10 ppm temperature (Climate debate in general)010823-02-2019
There hasn't been a big war since 1991 so I guess CO2 is all we hear about until (Climate debate in general)411423-02-2019
Carbon dioxide levels will soar past the 410 ppm milestone in 2019 (Climate debate in general)316223-02-2019
Energy transformation (Explanations)1528923-02-2019
Even if they build millions and millions of air CO2 removal factories and rocket CO2 (Climate debate in general)211123-02-2019
Climate change may be cause of polar vortex (Climate debate in general)18123-02-2019
from sea levels to well hydrated trees (Climate debate in general)512723-02-2019
What makes you think CO2 vibrates more than O2 and N2 do? (Climate debate in general)110923-02-2019
Can I blame just about anything on climate change these days? (Climate debate in general)18523-02-2019
Climate Change Enters Its Blood-Sucking Phase (Climate debate in general)110523-02-2019
The Real Culprit Behind Trump's Border Emergency? Climate Change (Climate debate in general)511123-02-2019
Why don't they built hundreds of thousands of fusion thrusters like Wandering Earth to stop Earth... (Climate debate in general)49622-02-2019
Will Green New Deal build Wandering Earth project to move Earth away from Sun? (Climate debate in general)417422-02-2019
Is this idea of climate change really Man's need for enemy? (Climate debate in general)212121-02-2019
How much fossil fuel will people have to burn in another little ice age happens? (Climate debate in general)317321-02-2019
Possible thesis subjects (Climate debate in general)311921-02-2019
Is this man telling a lot of truth about our world??? (YouTube Video) (Climate debate in general)011420-02-2019
By 2080, global warming will make New York City feel like Arkansas (Climate debate in general)317520-02-2019
Day After Tomorrow defies physics (Climate debate in general)722718-02-2019
Do you believe UN IPCC makes fake models to bring down Anglos and usher in New World Order? (Climate debate in general)1322618-02-2019
Weather Manipulation (Climate debate in general)819218-02-2019
Pointless forums (Climate debate in general)2131118-02-2019
Anyone explain how does N2 and O2 don't absorb electromagnetic radiation? (Climate debate in general)2727415-02-2019
10 ppm O3 in stratosphere convert 98% of UV into heat, so what makes people think (Climate debate in general)717515-02-2019
Do you think Marxists in America will gain power and rocket CO2 into space (Climate debate in general)214015-02-2019
10 years ago, Marxist Obama declared CO2 was a poison gas in EPA to bankrupt (Climate debate in general)218115-02-2019
Do air CO2 capture factories make more CO2 emission? (Climate debate in general)216215-02-2019
Will UN Marxists must do more to take down Five Eyes and bring on New World Order? (Climate debate in general)212514-02-2019
Do you think UN Marxists will order America to build 250,000 air CO2 catpure factories costing (Climate debate in general)313314-02-2019
Conservative Donald Trump pokes fun at Marxist Amy Klobuchar about global warming (Climate debate in general)420013-02-2019
Amy Kloubuchar uses snow to prove there is climate change. Now that's top level Marxism. (Climate debate in general)615913-02-2019
What's wrong with a big of warming? (Climate debate in general)4557913-02-2019
How are O2 and N2 not greenhouse gases? (Climate debate in general)1219212-02-2019
So what if CO2 reaches 450 ppm which is CO2e 600 ppm? It's not like sea will rise. (Climate debate in general)614312-02-2019
Where's the rest of ice core? (Climate debate in general)1417012-02-2019
No, CO2 is not more efficient than O2 at retaining heat. (Climate debate in general)1222412-02-2019
Was IPCC set up in 1988 to save mankind from climate change? (Climate debate in general)819310-02-2019
I think those IPCC scientists are Marxist devil worshippers (Climate debate in general)317510-02-2019
We have experimental evidence CO2 does not cause global warming (Climate debate in general)3237309-02-2019
The 'Green' New Deal... (Climate debate in general)113109-02-2019
Earth is naturally warming so what's the fuss about it? (Climate debate in general)415108-02-2019
How is this even true? CO2e is now over 500 ppm this year? (Climate debate in general)516608-02-2019
Save the planet, by not eating meat? (Climate debate in general)418808-02-2019
How can more CO2 inthe air go into ocean? (Climate debate in general)622608-02-2019
NOAA's greenhouse gas forcing is fake? (Climate debate in general)113507-02-2019
Why do people pick on CO2? A vital ingredient for agriculture during an age of massive pop explos... (Climate debate in general)110807-02-2019
Where did they come up with 450 ppm CO2 = 2 C rise in temperature? (Climate debate in general)314407-02-2019
Carbon Question from mostly ignorant skeptic (me) (Climate debate in general)3234906-02-2019
CO2 begets more CO2 (Climate debate in general)718905-02-2019
I believe human beings are part of nature, not against nature as westerners say. (Climate debate in general)011705-02-2019
What caused Pleistocene to start around 2 million years ago which had periodic glacial interglaci... (Climate debate in general)3232305-02-2019
Free Energy! (Climate debate in general)3029605-02-2019
Did climate change cause lake Michigan to freeze over, or is it just frozen (Climate debate in general)922305-02-2019
CO2 cause global cooling? (Climate debate in general)619305-02-2019
Where are the numbers? (Climate debate in general)3331005-02-2019
The reason I don't believe the hypothesis doubling CO2 increases temp by 1 C is (Climate debate in general)720904-02-2019
Is there a Jewish Point of View? (Climate Philosophy)3114202-02-2019
Stream of thought poem re: London snow storms/Garbage Island (Climate Philosophy)011002-02-2019
Global Cooling, caused by man-made CO2? (Climate debate in general)925031-01-2019
Why the mistrust of the IPCC? (Climate debate in general)6260931-01-2019
Is Gore's theory CO2 causes warming false? (Climate debate in general)2750631-01-2019
Commies (Climate debate in general)3730030-01-2019
Chinese Government Discovers Novel Way to Combat Climate Change (Climate debate in general)417730-01-2019
The problem with Night's way of arguing (Climate debate in general)1218130-01-2019
Global warming will increases grain production (Climate debate in general)4445428-01-2019
Members (Climate debate in general)1327528-01-2019
So is record cold clear evidence of global warming (Climate debate in general)1428227-01-2019
Climate Change of Social Media (Climate debate in general)317126-01-2019
Hold on. O2 and N2 do NOT absorb IR? (Climate debate in general)7120323-01-2019
If all the heat goes into the ocean then why would there be hot summer in any given year? (Climate debate in general)835221-01-2019
CO2 and Some transparency (Climate debate in general)6697121-01-2019
Filtration of Carbon (Technology)534715-01-2019
Prepping for the Carbon Apocalipse... (Climate debate in general)931114-01-2019
10 ppm O3 in atmosphere absorb 98% of UV. So what makes you thin first 10 ppm CO2 in the atmosphe... (Climate debate in general)119414-01-2019
Did James Hanson lie for money selling his book? (Climate debate in general)420514-01-2019
Why would an atmosphere made of O2 not trap heat? (Climate debate in general)1529211-01-2019
10 ppm O3 in atomsphere absorb 98% of UV. 10 ppm of CO2 in the atmosphere absorb 98% of IR. So wh... (Climate debate in general)217311-01-2019
A very simple but meaningful fact about CO2, without it (Climate debate in general)1227610-01-2019
What would be temperature near surface if there is no ozone layer in stratosphere? (Climate debate in general)217907-01-2019
Where in the World is Global Warming? (Climate debate in general)1730706-01-2019
When did climate change begin (Climate debate in general)1029406-01-2019
Serious question, is there any data on how many people that believe in AGW (Explanations)119306-01-2019
Doesn't burning fossil fuel cause global cooling? (Climate debate in general)520906-01-2019
Greenhouse gasses (Climate debate in general)80117205-01-2019
National Parks (Climate debate in general)922102-01-2019
Disturbing advances in Klimate Khange... (Climate debate in general)1325801-01-2019
America Has The Best Health Care In The World (Climate debate in general)633727-12-2018
Too much emphasis on carbon dioxide? (Explanations)8249227-12-2018
Climate change (Climate debate in general)3146226-12-2018
Climate is the Earth's Operating System(OS) and we definitely need to protect it. (Climate debate in general)2443823-12-2018
Climate Change (Climate debate in general)1533721-12-2018
Climate change essay project (Climate debate in general)226820-12-2018
Climate Change funding? (Climate debate in general)1535819-12-2018
Personal environmental monitor/logger/tracker (Technology)1831919-12-2018
petition to create a new Nobel prize for the Fight Against Climate Change (Climate debate in general)428415-12-2018
Why I doubt the Climate Theory? Plant food causes climate change? (Climate debate in general)327815-12-2018
Climate change writing project (Climate debate in general)325814-12-2018
Prove It! (Climate debate in general)3254414-12-2018
Pushy Climatologist... (Climate debate in general)118213-12-2018
Global Warming Argument Simplified (Climate debate in general)7892513-12-2018
Why only 'Man-Made' CO2? (Climate debate in general)169251412-12-2018
OH NO - BEAVERS (Climate debate in general)118412-12-2018
Can you suggest me any best book about climate change? (Climate debate in general)329712-12-2018
Stop Climate Changes! (Climate debate in general)421812-12-2018
Proffessor Brian Cox vs Conspiracy theorist Australian Senator (Climate debate in general)142738211-12-2018
What's wrong with this picture? Proof Please. (Climate debate in general)2737511-12-2018
Yellow-Vest Protests (Climate debate in general)3242311-12-2018
Practical experience v Theory (Climate debate in general)2739011-12-2018
Collab for IG Profile on raising awareness for the climate change (Other)024110-12-2018
Trump Connected To A Crime? (Climate debate in general)922409-12-2018
Agricultural Subsidies (Climate Policy)1133205-12-2018
Our leaders should read this (Climate debate in general)222104-12-2018
Fourth National Climate Assessment Report (Climate debate in general)2746204-12-2018
Tides is the result of the rotation of the Earth and whirlpools. (Science)27130403-12-2018
New ideas to help eradicate climate change (Private Climate Policy)224403-12-2018
Renewable Energy (Climate debate in general)63105602-12-2018
Strange Revelation (Climate debate in general)1123902-12-2018
NEW BOOK out re Global Warming solutions (Science)231001-12-2018
Cause and effect (Climate debate in general)2042901-12-2018
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