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CO2 makes Earth much cooler than the Moon because it blocks the Sun's IR (Climate debate in general)16174910-02-2016
Positives on Global Warming (Climate debate in general)62342210-02-2016
Tipping point (Consequences)1861033210-02-2016
NOAA and Keeling caught liar liar pants on fire (Climate debate in general)173909-02-2016
there is no evidence more CO2 traps more heat and heats the Earth (Climate debate in general)19139109-02-2016
no one can refute this argument from deniers (Climate debate in general)13157807-02-2016
stopping climate change (Events etc.)8125006-02-2016
What would the world be like if the atmosphere is 25% O2 and 75% N2? (Climate debate in general)145734403-02-2016
Were Glaciations Nothing More Than Crustal Shifts? (Climate debate in general)30175929-01-2016
no one cares about climate (Climate debate in general)168627-01-2016
2015: Warmest Year on Record (Climate debate in general)7109325-01-2016
Welcome to the New Ice Age (Climate debate in general)392425-01-2016
Does the bad a$$ Dr. Pierrer Latour blow IPCC away? (Climate debate in general)8129019-01-2016
COP21 - Population policy (Climate Policy)36260317-01-2016
Uh oh. More CO2 causes global cooling. (Climate debate in general)5147616-01-2016
There is no mathematical and scientific foundation nor any experimental evidence of the greenhous... (Climate debate in general)5114516-01-2016
CO2, all benefits, no negatives (Climate debate in general)4102816-01-2016
The entire greenhouse effect does not even add 0.1 C. The debate is over. The science is settled. (Climate debate in general)27197712-01-2016
Christopher Columbus sailed into the unknown and discovered the New World. He should be our idol. (Climate debate in general)7100212-01-2016
Alarmists are wrong. The debate is over. (Climate debate in general)15150711-01-2016
Will the world (this generation) allow one man to fix things? (Technology)18161111-01-2016
both sides are wrong (Climate debate in general)5122911-01-2016
Why the ethics of trying to stop climate change is unethical (Climate debate in general)075710-01-2016
If Earth's atmosphere consists entirely of O2, Earth's be 33 C colder? Really? Seriously? (Climate debate in general)488410-01-2016
build artificial lakes? (Climate Policy)4106910-01-2016
glacials and interglacials caused by resonance? (Climate debate in general)179510-01-2016
Let's suppose CO2 does increase temperature. What's the big deal? (Climate debate in general)6121609-01-2016
there is no greenhouse effect (Climate debate in general)283709-01-2016
the 15 C average global temperature figure, how is this even correct? (Climate debate in general)192709-01-2016
Greenhouse effect theory violates the second law of thermodynamics (Climate debate in general)22172608-01-2016
Why did Global Warming put the Record Freeze on Hudson Valley? (Climate debate in general)175508-01-2016
the difference between light and heat (Climate debate in general)1339608-01-2016
Why the CO2 mirror analogy is wrong (Climate debate in general)382308-01-2016
CO2 blocks the Sun's incoming short wave and blocks Earth's outgoing long wave, so increasing it (Climate debate in general)12143808-01-2016
Why does greenhouse effect make Earth's surface so cool compared to what it would otherwise be? (Climate debate in general)72422108-01-2016
Where's the infrared light that greenhouse gases shoot toward the ground? (Climate debate in general)12113908-01-2016
Why would CO2 cause sea level to rise and ocean to acidify? (Climate debate in general)77385507-01-2016
cost benefit analysis of burning fossil fuels and why fossil fuels should be massively subsidized (Climate debate in general)6100206-01-2016
Cool roofs. Good or bad? (Climate Policy)5112706-01-2016
CO2 is not an issue (Climate debate in general)40261306-01-2016
Is James Hansen right or wrong? (Climate debate in general)391406-01-2016
Sea level rise due to thermal expansion, scare or scare not (Climate debate in general)390905-01-2016
Climate scientists don't know anything about the past. They should stop making fools of themselves. (Climate debate in general)391805-01-2016
burning fossil fuels is doing God's bidding (Climate debate in general)181004-01-2016
I say, let the ice melt (Climate debate in general)40287104-01-2016
Won't mankind eventually run out of fresh water if Antarctica keeps hogging fresh water? (Climate debate in general)5102904-01-2016
based on the satellite measurements of the world, the Earth seems to be colder than normal (Climate debate in general)27150704-01-2016
Climate Change effects on reptile taxa in Chile!! (Climate debate in general)6102404-01-2016
building cities below the ocean? (Climate Policy)094304-01-2016
Global warming is a good thing so why some people worry about it? (Climate debate in general)6115504-01-2016
Why alarmists will lose (Climate debate in general)273502-01-2016
It appears that past estimates of prehistoric CO2 levels were not accurate and there is no statis... (Climate debate in general)4138402-01-2016
What are they going to do about the growing Antarctica ice? (Climate Policy)1118102-01-2016
Why CO2 and H2O vapor should be celebrated, not demonized (Climate debate in general)9103002-01-2016
Doesn't CO2 (and H2O vapor for that matter) make Earth's surface cooler and summers cooler? (Climate debate in general)289801-01-2016
the two words that doomed climate change alarmism (Climate debate in general)389231-12-2015
climate scientists are glasses wearing geeks who were dorks when they were kids and (Climate debate in general)20158831-12-2015
I have a theory, on what causes glacials and interglacials (Climate debate in general)5104531-12-2015
today's climate compared to those of Jurassic, Pliocene, Eemian, and why today is not normal (Climate debate in general)172231-12-2015
Alarmists are wrong. Humans are not nature's enemy. Humans are nature's savior. (Climate debate in general)16140031-12-2015
the greenhouse effect, total junk science (Climate debate in general)13130730-12-2015
I can't stand deniers say CO2 is not important because it's only 0.04% (Climate debate in general)14149728-12-2015
Is the Eemian peak the ideal climate? (Climate debate in general)172028-12-2015
Total global CO2-stop (scientific value?) (Climate debate in general)84551928-12-2015
Is Al Gore's CO2 chart right? (Climate debate in general)2149428-12-2015
Why do alarmists think humans are messing up nature? (Climate debate in general)284528-12-2015
Put your money where your mouth is! (Other)1111927-12-2015
Alarmists versus deniers, what's the disagreement really about? (Climate debate in general)13119326-12-2015
The Sun, not CO2, is the driver of temperature (Climate debate in general)493026-12-2015
What policy should the IPCC make to deal with the coming little ice age? (Climate Policy)1121826-12-2015
Why Should We Trust (or not Trust) the IPCC? (Climate debate in general)22216525-12-2015
People who care about climate, is it about loving Earth or is it about their own self interests? (Climate debate in general)696125-12-2015
CCS from the air (Climate debate in general)276524-12-2015
Can mankind control Earth's climate? (Climate debate in general)6103423-12-2015
COP21 Climate Summit and carbon tax (Climate Policy)7142323-12-2015
How To Reduce Climate Change (Climate Policy)7299823-12-2015
The 2015 UNFCCC - will it make big changes? (Climate Policy)27183723-12-2015
stabilize greenhouse gasses (Climate debate in general)40293122-12-2015
Why nuclear will not be a knight in shining armor in the United States (Technology)5104222-12-2015
Is education the solution? (Climate debate in general)590122-12-2015
Europe's weather in winter time, scary high? (Climate debate in general)290522-12-2015
Will Warm Winters Balance Out The Effects Of Greenhouse Gases? (Climate debate in general)10108822-12-2015
97% of Scientists Can't be Wrong, Can They? (Climate debate in general)56325421-12-2015
Why was climate change not an issue until after the Cold War ended? (Climate debate in general)589521-12-2015
Why is Greenland Covered in Ice? (Climate debate in general)33188421-12-2015
human contribution by the numbers (Climate debate in general)61412521-12-2015
A New Theory of Global Warming (Climate debate in general)51394719-12-2015
Interesting piece about Greenpeace (Climate debate in general)6113410-12-2015
New Tree Species Solution (Technology)3203308-12-2015
What a price! (Climate debate in general)292507-12-2015
COP21 - Political Fantasy Island (Climate debate in general)2103506-12-2015
Demonstrate during COP21? (Climate debate in general)472902-12-2015
The first alphabet of Nature be capitalized (Climate debate in general)381402-12-2015
Solution to Methane problem as well as oil spills (A novel way to clean oceans) (Climate debate in general)397602-12-2015
Recording the inventions of Nature (Climate debate in general)283301-12-2015
Climate and Human Civilization over the last 18,000 years (Climate debate in general)088529-11-2015
Users improving the debate (Debate about
Another crazy El Nino week (Climate debate in general)15135629-11-2015
Great Question (Re: El Nino) (Climate debate in general)395129-11-2015
A Better Way To Deal The Problem off Climate Change? (Climate debate in general)52309827-11-2015
Is There Climate Change? (Climate debate in general)19135227-11-2015
First direct observation of carbon dioxide's greenhouse effect at Earth's surface (Climate debate in general)27270423-11-2015
What's worse than a moderator? (Debate about
Thoughts on Green Energy (Climate debate in general)286022-11-2015
Philosophically speaking, where to M2C2 denialists come from? (Climate Philosophy)6133321-11-2015
PBI - a new way to moderate without traditional moderators (Debate about
Michael Oppenheimer, M2C2 Lecture, Pace Univ, 2014 (Explanations)20179020-11-2015
Some good videos on M2C2 (man-made climate change) (Climate debate in general)8113619-11-2015
Amazing new short about cause of M2C2 (Explanations)6117218-11-2015
Is Global Warming a "New Testament." (Climate debate in general)276617-11-2015
Antarctic Ice mass changes (Climate debate in general)20187915-11-2015
The Top 4 (Climate debate in general)34265314-11-2015
How much of climate change is man-made? (Climate debate in general)29174613-11-2015
Is "Climate Change" Complex? (Climate debate in general)57324613-11-2015
The failure of climate change theory (Climate debate in general)1581359113-11-2015
Parliamentary debate starts to happen. (Climate Policy)23166213-11-2015
I made this video on Climate Change to try and educate kids to help spread awareness about this s... (Climate debate in general)25178312-11-2015
Importance of ozone (Explanations)17163312-11-2015
Research on changing absorptivity of water, etc, needed? (Climate debate in general)9125011-11-2015
Some import climate change issue (Climate debate in general)3210307-11-2015
Why is so messed up? (Debate about
History of Climate Change Science (Climate debate in general)8120605-11-2015
Who is who on (Debate about
Climate Change - What are the causes? (Explanations)53383804-11-2015
Overpopulation - How not to solve the problem. (Climate debate in general)121703703-11-2015
An open letter to all members of (Debate about
Why trafn no longer moderates the Sharing Ideas sub-forum. (Sharing Ideas)3118402-11-2015
Greetings and welcome to Sharing Ideas! (Sharing Ideas)2115902-11-2015
Climate Change Science? (Sharing Ideas)16143002-11-2015
Understanding Albedo (Climate debate in general)34199001-11-2015
Overpopulation - How to solve the problem..? (Sharing Ideas)35283001-11-2015
Dry ice (Climate debate in general)494201-11-2015
Global Warming Miracles (Climate debate in general)10112831-10-2015
Differences between the past and the present time (Explanations)111600230-10-2015
Bill Gates opinion on climate change - Discuss (Climate debate in general)392229-10-2015
Is CO2 nothing more than a M2C2 companion GHG? (Sharing Ideas)7136629-10-2015
New Member searching for Data (Climate debate in general)592529-10-2015
Another better way to post on (Debate about
Guilt driven Evil (Climate debate in general)293624-10-2015
Generating Climate Science (Climate debate in general)83518024-10-2015
Key threats of climate change. (Climate debate in general)72358323-10-2015
The M2C2 smoking gun: holy grail or wholly folly? (Climate Policy)38211123-10-2015
Can petrochemicals exist in a carbon-neutral world? (Technology)33218523-10-2015
Is The Gulf Stream slowing down? (Consequences)24232823-10-2015
Has the IPCC underestimated GW? (Climate debate in general)42293422-10-2015
When it comes to M2C2, is planet Earth really worth saving? (Climate Philosophy)5113122-10-2015
Isostatic Rebound (Consequences)192522-10-2015
Death by Government (Climate debate in general)25166422-10-2015
The solar radiation (Climate debate in general)18133021-10-2015
The SCIENCE of the "Greenhouse Effect" (Climate debate in general)2061148319-10-2015
Are falsifiable models the only way to validate science? (Climate Philosophy)33215618-10-2015
Do man-made climate change deniers prove man-made climate change exists? (Climate debate in general)101607817-10-2015
Ocean "acidification" once and for all? (Explanations)15167717-10-2015
M2C2 - where all or nothing means nothing (Climate Philosophy)3105117-10-2015
Eisenhower was right - beware us (Climate debate in general)13149516-10-2015
What about the sinking islands? (Consequences)48371616-10-2015
The reality of an open online debate forum (Debate about
The truth about sea level rise (Consequences)34354414-10-2015
Is M2C2 the "New" New Deal? (Climate debate in general)492414-10-2015
A better way to post on (Debate about
Maybe M2C2 really is all about money (Climate debate in general)8106113-10-2015
Are "popcorn" black holes the answer to linear entropy and, maybe, M2C2? (Climate debate in general)4104712-10-2015
Training Course on climate change adaptation in a changing environment (Climate debate in general)31201112-10-2015
Are you a theologian or scientist? Ask Karl Popper. (Climate Philosophy)54614912-10-2015
Yeah, I guess we are (Climate debate in general)10156011-10-2015
Attention all M2C2 deniers! (Climate debate in general)10136811-10-2015
Can you stil save the future from M2C2 after you've already sold it? (Climate Policy)2112211-10-2015
Is involuntary population control the answer to man-made climate change? (Climate Policy)5142611-10-2015
Small volcanic eruptions partly explain 'warming hiatus' (Explanations)7197211-10-2015
Will M2C2 be solved by educating the children? (Climate debate in general)058811-10-2015
Where's Rock Hudson when you need him? (Climate debate in general)272310-10-2015
What's worse: the CO2 lag time, or our mental lag time. (Climate debate in general)074010-10-2015
One question (Climate debate in general)34305010-10-2015
The 2 minute warning clock on climate change (Climate debate in general)52312610-10-2015
I present to you my Climate&Energy solutions and leads and quests I wrote/made over the past ... (Technology)4134710-10-2015
Man-made climate change and why you're a moron! (Climate debate in general)797109-10-2015
Well, that's another forum trolled to death. (Debate about
Precipitation (Consequences)7108809-10-2015
There is still no Global Warming science. (Explanations)1281040708-10-2015
Do hydro-electic dam reservoirs really fart? (Technology)6126408-10-2015
Are we really blowing up 400,000 Hiroshima atomic bombs every day? (Climate debate in general)5113608-10-2015
Here's what happens when a United States employ gives testimony to congress on climate change (Climate debate in general)074708-10-2015
How to create actual solutions to global warming (Climate debate in general)17258907-10-2015
Climate Change Science 101 (Climate debate in general)26270806-10-2015
Big push! Letter from the building sector to the EU Commission (Climate Policy)19473706-10-2015
The Blob (Explanations)4132006-10-2015
Whatever happened to the Global Warming "Tipping Points?" (Climate debate in general)14343405-10-2015
Polar Bears: sharp decline in numbers and health (Consequences)22809705-10-2015
Can someone answer this for me? (Climate debate in general)32400105-10-2015
CO2 Behavior in the Atmosphere (Explanations)22373405-10-2015
We passed the tipping point on climate change in 1901 (Climate debate in general)2103101-10-2015
New ice age (Consequences)255484701-10-2015
Land Artists (Culture)0100530-09-2015
Clothes, Climate, and Culture (Culture)2193130-09-2015
Is our world condemned? (Climate Philosophy)7355429-09-2015
Bursting the Atmosphere: what happens when rain falls up (Climate debate in general)7127029-09-2015
..Dynamic and Static globe models of the Earth (Climate debate in general)185028-09-2015
Errant Warming Logic (Explanations)4120326-09-2015
reflecting the sun with solar panels makes global warming (Climate debate in general)3142725-09-2015
80 year moving average data (Climate debate in general)43469520-09-2015
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